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Website – The quickest way to take your business online

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When it’s time to get your business online, your first idea may be to build a website. While a website can be quite effective for your online presence, it’s not the only option. In this lesson, we’ll share the benefits of launching a website and explore four other ways to build a digital home for your business: local listings on Google and review sites, social media, mobile apps, and YouTube.

Options for getting online

Websites are a common way to put a business online. On your site, you can feature your business products and services, post videos and images, share the story of your company, sell things using e-commerce tools, and make it easy for customers to contact you and post reviews.
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A Business Profile on Google can help you get new local customers.  Every day, people are searching for your business on Google. Stand out and connect with customers with a free Business prfile on Google Search and Maps. Show who you are with photos, special offers, and posts. Help customers get more done with the information they need, like hours, contact info, and safety measures. Connect with them through messaging, phone calls, or replying to reviews. And offer more ways to help with online bookings, quotes, and orders.

Social media platforms allow two-way interactions that can help your business get discovered by new customers and build trust with existing customers. These platforms complement your other online homes by letting you post timely updates and interact with customers. You can encourage people to share your posts with others and read their comments to learn about their needs. It’s easy to set up social media accounts, but be prepared to invest some time in creating fresh, compelling content and responding to customer comments.

Mobile apps help you connect with customers nearby using GPS, enable customers to place orders, and let you share special offers and loyalty perks. Launching a mobile app is more complex than the other options, so weigh this option carefully against your available time and budget.