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SVIPL is one of the market leader in Website Development Expert Programmers Custom website development companies based in India. We provide best services in the field of Web development and designing across the world.

SVIPL provides search engine optimisation friendly websites to ensure that your site will convert business in your way. The very essential thing now day is to convert contact into business. We provide Website Development Expert Programmers Custom website development a best platform that you will be getting good inquiries and contact to your business so that you can convert those into the business. SVIPL provides Website Development Expert Programmers Custom website development a very professional web look to your business that suits your business and then builds the reputation to the market and boost your business.

Web Design & Web Development:

Web 2.0 designs, web 2.0 development

Programming Languages
Web Solution
Web 2.0 web development, Web 2.0 website design services, Static Website designing as well as Dynamic website design, Content Management System integration, website Design based on CSS, Search engine friendly web design, W3C conformity, Layout based on division tag, Liquid Layout.
Print Media
Corporate Brochure Design
Custom Logo Design
Newsletters Design
Image Editing

Website Development Expert Programmers Custom website development services at SVIPL includes, web based software development, php web development, symfony web development, iphone applications developments, Ajax programming, web 2.0 development, portal development and software testing services.

Web sites which are designed inadequately, or navigate the user in improper way can lose business. So it is required to choose a web site design company which designs excellence, effectual & SEO friendly web sites. It is always advantageous to get package of web development, SEO and web site design with the same web development company.

We develop and design the website “FOR YOU AND WITH YOU” to ensure that the website after development and design is upto your mark. We proceed like we design couple of layouts for you first to take a look and make a decision with the layouts or may be some minor changes from the layout.Hire professionals for Website Development Expert Programmers Custom website development So the design is like what you want as the design is the main thing that needs to be proper to attract users to come to our site multiple times. Our first preference is to make the design a very professional and of course of the business kind.

HTML5 WEB DESIGN & CSS3 Website Development



HTML5 Web Design is the latest version of HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. It is currently only fully supported by a handful of browsers but the next year should see a large increase in usage. It isn’t expected to be completed until 2014, but the features that are available now are a great way to become acquainted with HTML5 and add some cool elements to your website.

The idea behind HTML5 Websites is that it’s not one large entity, but rather made up of smaller parts that work together to create something innovative and advanced. Each browser may support different features of HTML5, which makes it important for those interested in coding to figure out which features they need and which will be supported by different browsers.

HTML5 simply builds upon the widespread success of HTML4. That means a coder doesn’t have to throw away the existing markup, but rather build upon and improve the old one. For example, forms can be updated to allow for new features such as a better email input for those using a mobile device. However, viewers stuck in IE6 will simply see it as a text field and still be able to use it.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) offer increased flexibility in the presentation of website content. In essence, it just makes everything prettier. Although CSS3 isn’t supported by all browsers yet, it’s becoming increasingly popular because it makes these changes so much easier than trying to get the same effect using something like a Javascript plugin or creating slightly different versions of the exact same image.

One drawback to using CSS is the requirement to implement filters to change how something will appear onscreen using different browsers. Although Internet Explorer is known for bugs, CSS can still be incorrectly interpreted by Firefox or Chrome. As such, some web designers have created different CSS codes to be sent to different browsers, or use filters to cut off CSS delivery completely.

Some features, such as menus, are necessary in almost any website. But with CSS3, the functionality and aesthetic appeal increases exponentially. Submenus upon hovering, horizontal menus, menus with rounded edges, submenus with tabs, submenus with descriptions, and menus with submenus with rounded edges with descriptions on hover are now all possible with some tweaking. Users will appreciate the ability to see a little more of what that page is about before potentially wasting loading time.


Any HTML5 syntax requires a doctype to be specified so that the browser can render the page in standards mode. The good news though is that the doctype declaration has also been simplified from previous HTML. It is now just:
The audio and visual support in HTML5 is outstanding. As soon as it’s fully running and all browsers support HTML5, you will find it easy to add audio and video to websites without the need for outside plugins.
Editing the content of your website is simplified with HTML5. Using the content editable attribute, you can quickly and painlessly change your text by adding content editable=“true” to any element.
The canvas element makes it possible for you to bypass Photoshop to make your 2D images and directly place them in your code.
The application cache enables you to navigate web applications while you are offline.


HTML5 Website Design and CSS3 together will give you some serious designer credibility.
HTML5 Website Design By Our Experts will load much quicker than its older brother because it implements WebSockets.
This language HTML5 is growing and will only result in more, new, better and faster features that will leave old websites looking outdated.
Video, audio and images are all easily written right into the code, eliminating the need for any third party software.
Mobile phone applications will be much more accessible if written in HTML5 because you will not have to write applications for a specific brand of phone but rather can create universal applications for all phones.
HTML5 Websites simply builds on HTML4, so the old markup can stay in place as you develop the new features, Let SVIPL Web Developer Company Rajkot India do Your Custom HTML5 Website Design view our Portfolio of our recent Custom HTML5 Web Design Great Looking Websites

eCommerce Website Development


eCommerce enabled website provides the most cost-effective way of promoting your business online. By developing your own eCommerce enabled website; you can reach out to your prospective customers worldwide and offer them your products and services directly through Internet, hire expert eCommerce websites designers

Another major benefit with eCommerce enabled websites is its faster order processing method. Using the power of Internet you can take orders from your associates or clients online and deliver those goods quickly than the conventional business routines.

SVIPL offers the four pillars to successful B2B & B2C E-Commerce Solutions :

Business Strategy
Design and Usability
Technology and Security
Products and Marketing

eCommerce websites design With experience of serving multiple industry needs, SVIPL offers you the expertise in this aspect of website development. Whether you want to setup a shopping website for your customers or plan to introduce an online order processing system for your affiliates and partners, SVIPL offers you a wide range of B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) E-Commerce solutions to choose from.

At SVIPL, we follow structured methodology for every development. Our analysts first study your requirements and propose the online solution that fits into your business model. After taking your approval, our experienced developers work on the proposed solution to deliver quality eCommerce website that manifolds your customers as well as revenues.

Get a Free eCommerce Website Consultation With almost 8 years of experience in eBusiness, we understand our clients requirements from root level expert custom eCommerce websites design.

PHP Development


PHP programming is an easy programming language to learn. PHP Programming language is free as well safe to develop a web application so, it is being used world wide and developing additional.

PHP originally stands for "Predefine Hypertext Preprocessors". It was considered by its creator as the “fastest and simplest tool” to create dynamic web pages. It is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML as well.

PHP generally runs on a web server, taking PHP code as its input and creating web pages as output. It can also be used for command-line scripting and client-side graphical user interface applications. Originally designed to create dynamic web pages, PHP’s principal focus is server-side scripting, and it is similar to other server-side scripting languages that provide dynamic content from a web server to a client, PHP has also attracted the development of many frameworks that provide building blocks and a design structure to promote rapid application development (RAD). Some of these include CakePHP, Symfony and Zend Framework, offering features similar to other web application frameworks Hire Expert PhP Web Developer experts in PhP programming website design PhP Web Developer offshore freelance services.


SVIPL PHP developers have kept with the pace of PHP programming language evolution and have mastered the language to the fullest. Have capitalizes on the symfony framework and delivered number of the big and successfully running portals in Europe.

Well all the Open source base is PHP programming language and hence the PHP programmers or PHP developers at SVIPL have a good hand on some open source tools available in the market. PHP developers at SVIPL have mastered the Drupal, Symfony and made number of good portals.

PHP developers at SVIPL can work in Symfony, Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce, Zen cart, Xcart and so on. Learning a new tool is not a problem as most of the team at SVIPL having more than 5+ years of experience.

Symfony Framework


Symfony is a web application framework written in PHP that follows the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm. Released under the MIT license, Symfony is free software.

Symfony is aimed at building robust applications in an enterprise context, and aims to give developers full control over the configuration, from the directory structure to the foreign libraries, almost everything can be customized. To match enterprise development guidelines, Symfony is bundled with additional tools which helps the developers to test, debug and document projects.


What is the need of a framework in PHP? PHP was meant to be used as a fast web based scripting language. The ever increasing popularity of the Open Source Technology has catapulted the position of PHP in the web community today.

We Offer Symfony PHP Framework, PHP Programming, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Database Design and client-server applications of the highest quality. We are great at designing user interfaces and defining product features. We build unique Web solutions to increase efficiency and competitive advantage of our clients.

AJAX PHP‚ have a strong bond. It is extremely easy to accommodate AJAX in a PHP script. Given all these points, why SYMFONY — why a framework at all?

Symfony does two things, which are themselves inextricably bound in origin.
Implements MVC in the most logically productive way possible.
Provides tools to use every productive best-practice available on the web today.
90% (plus) of the reasons why flat php projects are difficult to manage is taken care of in symfony, allowing the programmer to think about things that really matter.
The impossible header/footer issues (including redirecting after outputting part of it) are dealt with through the decorator process.
Templating has a helper function system for providing complicated logic that belongs strictly in the view layer, while keeping the templates it self free of logic. The naming conventions for helpers especially are logical, and blend into harmony with the php function naming conventions, making it feel a native part of the language.
The framework makes a small memory footprint, due to autoloading classes on demand. A feature available in the framework isn’t loaded unless you use it. Configuration is completely granular, and all symfony configuration is available at every level of the project from global on down to an individual action.
The enforced project structure and naming conventions allow for free functionality, and force you to adhere to logical organization that is difficult to bungle. The ability to add your own standardized helper functions, configuration handlers, extended core classes with custom functionality, logic in the model layer, cli tasks, code generators, execution filters, proprietary classes, plugins, multiple layouts, reusable code fragments in several varieties, layout zones, etc. gives your project the customized edge while maintaining strict organization, code quality, and standards. The documentation is extensive, and the source code makes almost perfect logical sense without an ounce of familiarity.

More than 8 years of experience working with PHP now, we recognize that though the PHP systems are fast to develop or maintain a huge portal developed using PHP is terrifying. Just because developers always in hurry to complete the job first and check the code later on.

But the structure of the Symfony framework and the steadiness of the API, the credentials that were provided were amazing.

At SVIPL we offer symfony framework, Symfony Developer Experts symfony programming, symfony web application development, symfony web development, symfony developers to hire, dedicated symfony programmers to hire.



Laravel is a new champion in the web development industry. Symfony framework is used to develop huge projects but to create smaller projects needs some platform in which we can handle all the functionality and less bulky. Laravel is the answer to that. Laravel is the Simplified version of Symfony. Laravel uses symfony's component, very easy to use and customize, very handy to implement. Laravel uses the standardize coding structure that has to be followed by any developer so its easy to maintainance as well.

Laravel is the top MVC Framework till date. It encompasses latest technology to use in the field of developement. We develop and maintain Laravel Framework with our experienced and dynamic web developers.Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development must be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Laravel aims to make the development process a pleasing one for the developer without sacrificing application functionality. Happy developers make the best code. To this end, we've attempted to combine the very best of what we have seen in other web frameworks, including frameworks implemented in other languages, such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, and Sinatra.

Wordpress Development


SVIPL provides Wordpress Development India and offshore wordpress development India outsourcing our services is one of the leading companies for wordpress customization & development. We have a team of wordpress designers, wordpress development & wordpress programmers to work as dedicated for appropriate project as well as for client. Our area of expertise is WordPress themes design & development, wordpress template development,Wordpress eCommerce template development India wordpress customization, WordPress development plugins development. SVIPL also offers dedicated WordPress developers & dedicated WordPress development designers.

WordPress Programming

Wordpress helps a qualified designer to modify an excellent Photoshop design to a word press theme. This way word press is helpful to a capable designer who can design with extra excellence and innovative ideas.

Key features of wordpress:

Spam protection
Full user registration
Password Protected Posts
Full standards compliance
No rebuilding
Easy installation and upgrades
Easy Importing
XML-RPC interface
Typographical niceties
Intelligent text formatting
Multiple authors
Cross-blog communication tools

WordPress Customization Custom WordPress Development India

WordPress is easy to use as well as tremendously flexible for them who have applied their hands on it, though like any other software application, to a user who is untried, it can be a bit scary out-of-the-box. But SVIPL will help you in such stuff, let our company expert team of WordPress developers do the designing we do custom website design at affordable prices our WordPress custom designs view our portfolio for recent custom WordPress Websites theses websites are now becoming very popular as they have built in CMS and you can simply add a Blog page to help marketing and post latest news or deals on your website.

Mobile Application Development


Custom Web Application Development iPhone Application Development As one of the leading mobile app development company from India Siddhi Vinayak Infocom Pvt. Ltd. offers custom mobile software development services for iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Windows mobile, Symbian and more at one place. Irrespective of the platform, it provides its expertise to develop solutions for native and universal cross platform apps that are a class apart.

Why Mobile Apps

Custom mobile application with a unique touch is much needed to boost the functions and performance of these mobile devices. Some of the big names in the industry today are - iPhone, Blackberry and Android that have their own set of features that require technical finesse to meet both individual and business needs.

Some of our mobile applications are successfully used in GPS, Social networking, group deal sites, deals aggregator, maps, game applications, payment gateway, shopping cart etc.

We at SVIPL are supportive of the business requirements that may vary significantly and thus, yields a need for customized mobile application development & mobile software development to create value-added mobile phone applications tailored exactly to your specific business requirements for enhanced efficiency, functionality and value addition hire expert Web Application Development iPhone Application Development services.

svipl-mobile development

iPhone / iPad Application Development

SVIPL's expert teams are capable of providing comprehensive iPhone app development as a part of our mobile development services. For maximum benefits related to the very new iPad device, hire talented professionals for high-tech iPad app development. Through their proficiency in iOS they are well prepared for delivering the best.

Android App Development

SVIPL offers variety of options for your Android based handsets. Using their technical prowess, our mobile app developers, programmers provide apps using the Google Android OS exclusively for your business.

Blackberry App Development

Make the most of your Blackberry devices with Smartphone application development. Our skilled mobile app builder, mobile application developers utilize the features of this unique smartphone to provide path breaking apps.

Windows Mobile App Development

Get the perfect Windows mobile application tailor made just for you with good mobile app design. Irrespective of the handset, we deliver robust and scalable windows mobile software to help extend your business far and wide.



SVIPL welcomes you to our Search Engine Optimisation India Company cheap SEO company team, where each member of the team is simply dedicated to the specialized work; our team will assist you to achieve the perfect SEO Results range of satisfactions.

We have a diligent team of assorted SEO experts who have powered over wide experience in appropriate domain for SEO sectors. All our professional Search Engine Optimisation India experts your local SEO company India team members contribute their entire effort to the maximum solutions of your business development, and else make the online business alleviate with the most subtle care. That eventually leads your business to a maximum profit.

Search Engine Optimization Popularly known as SEO services, Search engine placements, Organic SEO, and also as Website optimization. Implementing proper search engine optimization(SEO) and link building search engine optimisation and SEM search engine marketing campaign is the only long term means to get higher search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo Search engine, MSN Search Engine, Ask search engine, AOL search engine and Bing search engine .latest figures show that Google search Engine dominates search results and comes in at %95 used by people worldwide as there preferred search engine so If you want your website Page One In Google For your Target Keywords Hire Experts From our Search Engine Optimisation India leading India SEO company


Website promotion process is necessary in order to promote your web site accessed by the targeted visitors; it needs to be made visible on the web through various web promotion strategies. It is the visibility of your brand on the internet that largely determines the frequency of hits on your website, thereby promoting business. Web site promotion techniques at SVIPL are effective, economical and guarantee consolidated solutions in the area of web and website promotions.

To bridge the gap between you and the targeted visitors, we adopt strategies that ensure greater hits and higher amount of visitor’s traffic as well as getting enough business.

If you feel that your website is not performing in spite of good design and HTML content, you need to contact us immediately. Our research analysis results in highly targeted traffic generation at the best possible price and our website promotion services provide instant, verifiable increase in traffic.

SVIPL offers quality Search Engine Optimization India, Search engine marketing Solutions and PPC Advertising Services. Our dedicated team of SEO Professionals ensures Top 10 search engine rankings. Our SEO Processes are designed in view of the SEO guidelines, and white hat SEO techniques are strictly followed to ensure that our clients from world over get the best SEO India services. We also offer guaranteed listing in 25 to 100 directories.

Offshore Website Design


Offshore website design services offered by SVIPL. Website Design is the first impression as well as the last impression for a user or a new visitor to get impressed with the same. Only the way to create an attractive and informative website design can keep its visitors to be continued.

SVIPL is the leading offshore software development and offshore web development company based in India. SVIPL offers website design within your time and budget. The website design we offer will navigate user in a proper way. SVIPL offers unique website design which is search engine friendly.

Website designers at SVIPL will work with you to set up an arrangement of your website’s look and feel, practical and navigational framework. We can offer at least 2 lay out of website designs which is based on your requirements for you to decide from before we proceed with the development of the website. Every company is unique and therefore each website design we create will reflect the client’s requirements and characteristics.

At SVIPL an offshore web development company we offer web site designers to hire, offshore website design services, graphic design services, custom logo designs within your budget and time hire expert Website Developers Offshore Freelance Website Development Services.

Web Portal Development


SVIPL is a leading Web Portal Development offshore or onshore Web Portal Development company based in India. SVIPL offers full cycle web portal development services. SVIPL has developed good number of web portals for all kind of services either it is a e-commerce portal, real estate web portal or car portal.A portal is a web system that has the needed features to identify the users and make sure they are who they say they are. It also gives them an easy, personalized and user friendly way to move along information and services that are of interest to the users. The organization that creates the portal will have a system that gives a variety of functions for said organization to put together many different avenues of information, making them available to the various users according to their specific interests and needs. Therefore, the main reason to set up a portal is bring all the information and resources that are available to these users in a way that is effective.

A web portal, also known as a links page, presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. Apart from the standard search engine feature, web portals offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock prices, information, databases and entertainment. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether.

To aid these troubles, such as improving the user responsiveness and enabling easier access to the different information and services put on the web by users, it is easier to set up a portal to guide this vast amount of information to special users in an efficient and effective way. In this way, the user’s identification by the portal can provide information and services that are of interest according to that user’s profile hire expert Web Portal Development offshore or onshore Web Portal Development Services by SVIPL.

There are some functions and features that a portal should have include:

Allowing the different information and service providing departments to update their own information.
Present the information and services that a user would need according to this profile.
Set up things from the users’ perspective.
Allowing for a single sign-on feature for the users.

SVIPL Offers :

Strategy assessment and consulting
Business analysis and architecture design
User Interface design and usability
End-to-end portal application programming
Database design and integration
Integration with third-party Web Services
Integration with legacy business applications (like CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.)
Quality Assurance and complete testing
Portal performance optimization and tuning
Portal setup, maintenance and support
Portal upgrades and new features enhancements

We provide Portal solution through leading Softwares like :

Open Source Content Management System, PHP, Symfony, WordPress, Zen Cart, osCommerce

Website Portal Development solutions that SVIPL has successful implemented in the past include :

Travel Portal
Real Estate Portal
Job Portal
Web Directory Development
Auction Portals
Social Networking Sites

Open Source CMS Development


SVIPL offers Web content management system CMS Software development solutions to all kind of organizations including business clients, individual bloggers, social media web sites, web site designers, web developers.

To grow your web site, you have to reduce your dependence on the programmer or the web developer to manage content like to edit, upload or delete, as the world moves towards a more collaborative form of content generation. How much speed your web site replicate the proper content for the appropriate people and allow them to place their own suggestions and content describes your website, and will carry on doing so in the future too.

You can leverage open source web content management systems to professionally handle content on your live web site or local web site. Many open source CMS are liberally accessible to download, but it needs to modify and improve them so that they can be made appropriate for your necessities hire expert Web content management system CMS Software team of developers.

Open Source Content Management System User’s Advantages:

Quick Improvement of collaborative, social media websites
Decrease dependence on web developers for daily tasks related to content
You can change features and themes in a click of a button
Build a strong information architecture
To publish web content learning curve will be shorten.
Security level of content will be stronger
Give user rights
You can have the facility to change or restructure the website when ever you want.

Open Source Content Management System Customization :

SVIPL specialized to build custom web based CMS using Symfony, Wordpress and several other applications. We can do all kind of work from template integration to custom component development for these CMS web applications. We have implemented CMS for hundreds of clients of different industries, our web developer team realizes the unique features, pros and cons of the popular open source CMS technologies. After Getting and understanding requirements of clients we suggest solution which will meet your necessities completely.At SVIPL we offer open source CMS development & open source CMS customization which includes Wordpress development, Wordpress customization, Wordpress design integration.

PSD to XHTML Graphic Design


SVIPL provides PSD to HTML or PSD to Css3 expert Web designer Company for PSD to HTML highly professional, fully tested, quick and reliable services for conversion of Graphic Web Design into HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) and its extensions. We will request you to provide us source files in the common formats like PSD, PNG, AI. We will convert the same into W3C Valid XHTML (Table-Less CSS Markup). Our work would be 100% compatible with IE, FireFox, Opera, Safari, hire expert PSD to HTML or PSD to Css3 expert Web designer Company for PSD to HTML team of Programmers And Developers

Quality Guidelines

CSS Classes and Images will be given the tag names correspond to their purpose in your design or depends on your site contents
The sliced markup looks exactly the same as your original design
All the pages which we will be converting into respecting HTML coding, we will validate the same and will provide you the report of the same. (W3C certified for each page will be provided)
svipl-psd to xhtml graphic design

Services Provided :

1. W3C Valid XHTML Table-Less CSS Markup Compatible with IE, Firefox, Opera and Firefox

W3C Valid HTML or W3C Valid XHTML
W3C Valid Shorthand and Optimized CSS
Table Less Coding
Fixed Layout Width or Liquid Layout
Horizontal Alignment
Vertical Alignment

2. W3C Valid XHTML CSS Markup Compatible with IE, Firefox, Opera and Firefox

W3C Valid HTML or W3C Valid XHTML
W3C Valid Shorthand and Optimized CSS
Coding with Table
Fixed Layout Width or Liquid Layout
Horizontal Alignment
Vertical Alignment

3. Require More Flexibilities?

Layout Width (If you want your layout to be resized based on browser width.)
Header/Footer Stretch Width  (Header or Footer area will be resized based on the browser )
Dynamic Menus
Multi-Level Drop Down Menu
HTML 5 with All browsers support
HTML with CSS 2 or CSS 3

Web 2.0 development


Web 2.0 Design values help originality, data sharing and collaboration among global users in the web development technology and website design services. Web 2.0 Design custom web development guide the perception of web targeted neighborhood like social-networking sites, Wikis, Blogs of new generation website design and web development model.

SVIPL has been involved in Web 2.0 Design custom web development and can develop custom web 2.0 applications. We will be pleased to provide you a Web 2.0 Design custom web development application development as per your requirements. One of the best parts will be that you own the complete source code for the customized application done for you by SVIPL. At SVIPL we provide Web 2.0 Design custom web development standards custom development services for web site and for web application based on LAMP and RIA Applications like Ajax and Silver light.

To control content and presentation of website and division HTML & XHTML markups validated semantically syndication, aggregation and notification of data in RSS we can use cascading style sheet. For web site development, complete dynamic and interactive web site development using open source technologies and rich internet applications (RIA) JavaScript based APIs can be used.

At SVIPL an offshore web development company we offer Web 2.0 Design custom web development web site development, web 2.0 style website design services.

Ajax Development


SVIPL delivers professional custom Ajax development programming for website design experts in Ajax development full-cycle software development services from business analysis to solution implementation and support. Use of comprehensive development tools and agile development methodology helps speed up development and shorten time-to-market cycles. Proper architecture and modular approach ensures easy application maintainability and seamless integration of new functionality or 3d party components.

AJAX Frameworks and Related Technologies SVIPL specialists use different AJAX frameworks that let us focus on applications unique aspects by streamlining routing tasks. This helps in increasing developers productivity and accelerates development cycles Hire expert custom Ajax development programming for website design experts in Ajax development .


We have solid experience with various AJAX related technologies including:

XML / XSLT / Xpath
While developing web user interfaces we support the leading industry standards and browser technologies.
Cross Browser Support: Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla FireFox 3.5, Opera 9+, Safari 4.0 and others
Compatibility: Compliance with W3C standards: XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01., CSS 2.1
Accessibility: Section 508 standard and W3C WCAG compatibility

SVIPL provides PHP website development, Symfony, Hire web developer, Mobile applications, Facebook apps, Social media websites, Android Application, PHP programming.

Open source Content management systems that includes WordPress. SVIPL also offers Ajax development, Ajax programming, custom Ajax development programming for website design experts in Ajax development, Website design, Flash animation, Graphic design, Banner creation, Custom logo designs, Web2.0 designs, Web2.0 development and Search engine optimization.

Offshore Graphic Design


To boost web site, video presentation, text, or images to an art form graphic design service is very good and effective concept. Excellence of graphic design service separates a web page or a web site from folks with a parallel design, or content. Now a days dealing across the world distinguish the importance of graphic design services.

SVIPL is an India based graphic designing company has an expertise in different areas for graphic design services. We provide our graphic design services to many clients to grow their business. SVIPL is dedicated to provide professional as well as affordable graphic design services. Our graphic design solution includes affordable custom logo design, banner creation, corporate brochure design, company presentations and Product catalogs.

SVIPL is specialized Freelancer Graphic Designer and having capability to take out all your custom graphic design requirements. Graphic designers at SVIPL are skilled with all the upgraded designing software, which can help us to fulfill your necessities.

At SVIPL we offer graphic design, Freelancer Graphic Designer, professional graphic designs, affordable custom logo design, creative banner design, company presentations and product catalogs.

Social Media Development


SVIPLdoes not believe in developing 100s of web sites, but it strictly believes in effective and professional website development as per client’s requirements.

A social media website design needs special take care and stipulation. A social media website design application can be used for social networking websites like orkut, facebook, or dating website development or design.

People use such net working website to find jobs, friends, life partners, to expand business, or just for chatting as well as to exchange information. It also helps people in many other ways like to meet new people with consistent interests, involved in a extensive action, to develop online business contacts etc.

People at SVIPL get separate position from others is their talent to work intimately with clients, discuss with them, understand their industry objectives and necessities and provide solution on their detailed requirements with complete satisfaction. Our experience of working with such strategy has always proven effectual for our clients hire expert Social Media Website Design custom development expert Social Media Website Design services.

At SVIPL an offshore web development company we offer social media website development, community web sites, dating websites, social networking websites within your time and budget.

Multimedia Solution


Multimedia CDs or Flash Animations, a way to express your ideas and to interact with the potential customers. Our Multimedia Presentation service covers business, corporate, educational and training cds. A Multimedia CD Presentation or Flash Animation creates visual impact and you can include details like industry information, company prospectus, business goal, product details, catalogues, just about everything you want to hire professional Multimedia Solutions website design complete web development Multimedia Solutions using latest coding!

Flash Animations

SVIPL has trained animation designer for creating lively and decent animation. SVIPL having the mastery over Flash Animation tools and given it a new identity.Flash Animation is an attractive and interactive tool on the web with Action Script Games it has gained a lot of popularity. We have used Flash tools to create videos with low file size to make it internet friendly.

We at SVIPL are associated with Flash as an animating tool but also work on designing and animation on softwares like 3D max and Director. Flash animation embedded with the latest voice over technology has found a new and crucial role in Websites promotion and CD presentation.

Animation has given a new look to sites on the web and hence it has gained the vital position and requirement in increasing site traffic. So Websites emphasis on Flash animation for web promotion and CD presentation. Flash Animation has also application in projector displays on huge screens and displays at Exhibitions.

Brochure Design

Brochure design is a key component in planning and marketing of a product. So whatever your business is whether your brochure is about your company or about marketing of some new product, the designing and planning of your brochure design layout should be exceptional. We provides a complete solution for your brochure design requirement so that your brochure design works for you.

CD Presentation

Whether as a CD Presentation, CD Business Card / Biz Card CD, or customizes cd with animations, anything you can just think or imagine. a website, audio, or even Flash animation in your custom CD presentation. We can also provide the sound enable system.